6 Misunderstandings About Minimalism

Everyone who is new to minimalism has often the same questions about it. Its important to get answers on these before you start your journey as a minimalist. Let's clear things up!

Cédric Moore
Cédric Moore

Minimalists Own 100 Things

Maybe one of the most widespread myths out there. Minimalism aims to own less stuff. How much stuff you own is all up to you. There is no correct number. 100 things are widely known as a crazy challenge for minimalists. If you think of only owning 100 things, that's not really much, isn't it?

Instead, you should be aiming to just own as little stuff as possible, but enough to be comfortable and happy with. Ease to check characteristics of the stuff you keep should be usability or sentimental value.

Minimalists Own Ugly Things

If you own less, you are also not owning expensive and nice things, right? No, not really. Minimalism is all about lasting things that are built of great quality. Because good quality is often lasting longer, that means you won't need to buy a new piece every few months or even weeks! Owning less doesn't mean owning shitty things, it's more about having nice and expensive things. No unnecessary trash.  

Minimalists Wear White & Black Clothes

Black is the new black. Kinda. Minimalists want to keep things simple and not time-consuming. That's why their wardrobe is often kept really simple. To reduce the time to choose clothes and to make fewer decisions. You might have the experience, that you are struggling with the daily morning decisions about what you should wear today. With a simple wardrobe, like white and black t-shirts and blue jeans you will never lose time again in front of the mirror. You just wear what you love. Every day.

Minimalists Are Singles

This myth is absolutely not true. Maybe it's easier to live a minimal lifestyle when you are single and have your own home, but of course, you can also live a minimal life with a family or partner. Just profit from the advantages minimalism is giving you and share it with your loved ones.

Minimalists are Vegans

People who are living a simple and minimal life often care about nature and also simplify their dishes because of sustainability. Eating vegan is not only healthy, it also reduces your ecological footprint.

Minimalists Don't Own Sentimental Things

Often people say, that minimalists only own essential and practical things that have a specific function. But that's not correct. Sentimentality is also an important part when it comes to the decision if you should keep something or not. People tend to keep all the stuff in boxes in the cellar, where they never really take it out again. That's the difference. Minimalists own sentimental things and give them the value they deserve and putting them somewhere where they are visible.


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