The Bye-Bye-Box

The Bye-Bye-Box is a simple concept to check, if you should keep something or not. In this article I will quickly show you to use this concept and declutter things where you are not sure about.

Cédric Moore
Cédric Moore

How to start

First, get a box that is big enough to fit a few items in. Take a pencil and write BBB on your box. In my case this just was a cardboard box I could throw away some day. Put that box somewhere, where you are not seeing it each day. For example in your storage room or cellar.

Fill the box

Now put your things that you are not sure if you want to keep, in this box. Important is, that you can't see them every day.

Need something from the box?

In case you need something from the box, take it out, use it and put it back. If you need it several times a week you should take it out of the box and put in somewhere, where it is accessible.

Set yourself a deadline

Now set yourself a limit, when you are looking again in this box. That can be one month, or also half a year. That's up to you!

Time is up

Things that are still in that box after your set deadline are now ready to give or throw away. Or to sell if they have a certain value. If you would like to to something for charity you can also donate them. I did that with all my clothes I didn't need anymore.


This concept can be repeated several times in a row for all your questioned things.

This concept tricks out your emotions and brain with a very simple but effective method to let things go where you are not sure about if you want to keep them.

In case you have a lot of stuff where you are not sure about, just do the same concept with multiple boxes and write additional a category to the BBB. Like bathroom, or bedroom.

Good luck with decluttering! 😃


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