4 Great Tips To Declutter Your Smartphone

When it comes to decluttering, you can compare your smartphone pretty much to your life. You got stuff on it. Lots of stuff. Apps, videos, photos, music, you name it. The good thing: Decluttering your mobile phone is even easier than decluttering things in real life.

Cédric Moore
Cédric Moore

Digital products get more accessible every day. Listening to music, watching a movie, checking social media, everything a few taps away. If you want to declutter your life, you should also start to declutter your smartphone. Here are 4 simple ways to achieve:

Delete apps you don't need

How much apps do you have installed on your device? Don't know? You are not alone. Often people don't know all the apps they have installed. The best thing to do is to remove all your unneeded apps. To find these apps you can just check your app usage in settings. Or you just got it in your head which one you are not using often enough so that it deserves a place on your mobile phone.

iPhone 12 Pro Home Screen with Apple Store, Amazon and Netflix apps.

Remove pictures and videos

Some of the most heavy files on your smartphone are images and videos. Not all of them are really needed. Sort out all images or videos you don't like and delete them instantly.

Another way of keeping your images and videos away from your phone's storage, but in your possession, is to keep them as a backup stored in your cloud.

Keep your home screen simple & minimal


If you use an Android smartphone you can use a custom launcher to change your home screen layout. The perfect minimal launcher is the Before Homescreen Launcher. This launcher focuses on your essential apps and puts them on the home screen in a typography-only layout. Here is an image of mine:

Apple iPhone

For iPhone user there is a way to change your app icons. I created one which is for sale on: withless.blog/nightsky

Clear your browser cache and app data

One last minor thing to get rid of is to clear your browser cache and also the your app data. This data is maintained by the system but it is keeping them just in case. So feel free to delete that sometimes.

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