Less Clutter, More Space For You

Well, why should people own less, when a lot of us have all that much space where we live in? The answer is pretty simple. Freedom! In fact, the more space you got, the more clutter you have. Following 6 reasons, why you should declutter your house or apartment for a more pleasant life.

Cédric Moore
Cédric Moore

Reason 1: Happiness

You own stuff and even buy more stuff. Be honest with yourself, are these things really making you happy? And with happy I mean for the long term. The hard truth is, that you are not. Minimalists believe that true happiness does not depend on how much you own.

Reason 2: Essentialism

What are the advantages of things you don't use nor like? Can't name any? So, why you still have that stuff? Get rid of your unnecessary things. There is no reason to keep them. Either it's useful or you see a sentimental value in it. If both are not applicable, donate it, sell it or throw it away.

Reason 3: Focus

Fewer things are also distracting you less. That means, that owning less also helps you focus on your work and life, without distracting you in any way.

Reason 4: Time

With minimalism, you will get valuable time back. We all only have 24 hours. So use them wisely. Spend your time creating and being creative. Or relax. Be in the now. It's all about the moments with people you love. Or with yourself. Having less stuff gives you more time for what's truly important. It's shifting your focus on your true priorities.

Reason 5: Conscious life

That moment when you change your focus from materialism to what's important for you, you will recognize how beautiful your life really can be. Light, free, and with no stuff holding you back.

Reason 6: Freedom

With a clearer mind, you will feel free. Yes, you can also declutter your mind, but more on that later.


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