8 Rituals For A Minimalist Morning Routine That Will Improve Your Start Into The Day

Selfcare and a good sleep is really important in your life. But something very important often gets forgotten: A good morning routine.

Cédric Moore
Cédric Moore

Having a routine in the morning will give you very valuable benefits to starting your day. Read further for a few great tips on how you can build up your very own, simple but effective morning routine:

1. Eliminate Your Alarm(s)

Most people are using an alarm to wake up every morning. This can be on the smartphone or as a classy alarm. This is a great invention, don't get me wrong. But they have one big disadvantage: They are eventually waking you up during your sleep cycles. Sleep cycles are the time of your sleep when you are sleeping the deepest. And now there is this problem because an alarm is not really caring about your sleep cycles, he's just waking you up at a specific time you have set the night before. So what we should try instead is to wake up without the use of an alarm.

Snoozing your alarm or setting multiple alarms is the worst thing you can do to your body, so stop that immediately!
Clock to wake up

What you can do to get used to waking up without an alarm?

Go to sleep & to bed always at the same time -  Consistency is key. Your internal clock in your body will wake you up naturally, this is why sleep cycles are really important. If you wake up during a sleep cycle you will feel tired and exhausted. Don't darken your room with blinds or curtains, we need natural light and the sun will wake you up. Add rituals to your morning and night to reinforce your sleeping routine for a better quality of sleep. Eat the right food and do some sports - this will improve your sleep quality massively. Set an alarm, but just as a fallback.

With time your body will be on top of this consistency and you will wake up every day at the same time, without any need of an alarm.

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