6 Tips For The Perfect Minimalist Office

You spend a lot of time of your life in your office. But how can you improve your office in the minimalist way? Let's give this a thought.

Cédric Moore
Cédric Moore

Reduce things in your office

Your office should be a room to focus and to be productive. Nearly everything should be usable and on purpose. So give or throw away what you don't use and need. Use a handful decoration such as plants or a few pictures to make it personal. Also sort out all your drawers.

Ergonomics & comfort

You are spending a lot of time in your office. According to studies the average human will spend about 90,000 hours at work over a lifetime. This means, make it comfortable and enjoyable. It should be fun to work in your office. Not the opposite.

What's also important: Ergonomics. Sitting 90,000 hours in your life wont help your body. That's why you should get a good office chair and a standing desk, which is adjustable in it's height. This helps a lot and your body will be thankful for it.

Here's a little closer up shot of my desk that was created with solid black walnut wood. Monitor is an Acer and the arm I bought from Amazon. Overall, a super clean and simple desk setup where creativity happens!

Whiteboard on the wall

A whiteboard or pin board on your wall helps to keep important notes, documents in your view, without taking any space on your desk. It's a really adjustable and flexible tool you should try out!

Make it breath

Nothing is more disturbing than too much stuff on your desk. Only keep the most essential things on your desk, everything else you should store away where it's accessible quickly enough.

Clean minimalist office

Organize it with a system

Group things in small boxes, name them and put them all into your locker. Also organize all your documents and papers. These you can put into your organized drawers.

Another way to get rid of papers and documents is to scan them and store them on your computer or external storage. Use a scanner app on your smartphone instead or a printer/scanner.


Of course your office should not be monochrom and sad. Aim to bring in a few nice accents for color. Plants bring in some color and freshness to your room. And clean your air, too. Or a few nice images on the wall bring more personality and character into your office. This can be your loved ones or posters you like.  


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