The 30 Days Minimalism Challenge

In the community of minimalists there is a very popular and common method to declutter over a certain period of time when you are just starting out. It's called the 30 days challenge.

Cédric Moore
Cédric Moore

There are many ways of decluttering your space inside of the minimalism mentality. The 30 days of minimalism challenge is the perfect method if you want to start out on a daily basis with not exaggerate it in your starting time. You are just doing one simple task every day. After one month you will have a sum of small activities that have made a big difference in the end.

Here are my 30 minimalist tasks that worked out very well for me. One task every single day in this order:

  1. Donate or throw away shoes you are not wearing (anymore)
  2. Delete your downloads folder and clean up your desktop
  3. Call your partner, family, or friends that you love them
  4. Go to your cellar and remove/donate 10 things you don't need anymore
  5. Find 10 t-shirts that you've never or less than 5x worn and give them away
  6. Cancel all your unnecessary subscriptions
  7. Open an account on a trading platform
  8. Read a book for 1 hour
  9. Throw away all socks with a hole in it
  10. Meditate for 30 Minutes
  11. Tell a friend to also join this challenge
  12. Remove all social media friends you are not talking to anymore
  13. Throw away all your not working pencils
  14. Visit a lecture or webinar about financial freedom
  15. Lock away your smartphone for the whole day
  16. Go for a longer walk
  17. Check your kitchen cutlery and remove the ones you never used for a long time
  18. Cook a healthy and delicious meal for you (and your partner)
  19. Don't use the internet for one day
  20. Put yourself together a budget plan with your expanses & earnings
  21. Delete all apps from your smartphone that you don't use
  22. Visit your parents or family
  23. Organize your stuff in your office & throw away or donate everything you sorted out
  24. Book your next travel to a location you have never been
  25. Have a look at your toolbox and sell things you have multiple times
  26. Use public transport instead of your car for a day
  27. Give away or sell old books you have read already
  28. Only drink water for a day
  29. Help out someone who needs help
  30. Add a monthly standing order to your bank account to your savings
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You can now repeat every step you enjoyed or found value in. Or do another 30 days challenge with self-chosen tasks.

Good luck & enjoy!


Cédric Moore

Designer & Minimalist. Occasionally designing & animating pixels, capturing moments & writing something.

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